Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Friday, September 11, 2015

Elder Head in the Philippines - Baptisms and defensive driving :)

Hey Momma!

The baptisms went really well! There were minimal problems. :) One of the baptismal candidates slipped on her way out of the water and is now a little embarrassed, but she got over that very quickly and is doing well now. :)

This past week we celebrated Elder Black's birthday which was great! Our Recent Converts held 2 different parties for him. But the only problem was that in both parties they bought Mocha cakes. SO we couldn't eat any cake.. Haha. But we were so grateful for them and their love for us, especially for Elder Black. Haha.

This week we also held a District Leaders Conference in the mission home. So that was ALSO super busy for the office.

I got my license this week. WHOO!!! But driving in the Philippines is super hard. Haha. You always have to be aware and watching because there ARE NO RULES. Like people are passing left and right, going as fast as they want, motorcycles just go wherever they please, it's madness. But I'm getting a lot better at driving defensively. Haha.

Sorry about the short letter. I'll forward to you the pictures that Elder Saluta took from this week. Thanks! Love you!

Happy birthday dad!! SOrry this can't be long. Something came up that we have to attend to so our emailing time is getting cut a little short. I hope you understand and know how much I love you. I'm so grateful for the great times that we've had going through canyons together and for your support for me through all your life. Plus you have shown me such an excellent example of hard work which I'm so grateful for. Thank you and I love you!

ELder Head

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