Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Friday, September 4, 2015

Elder Head in the Philippines - One year!! Another busy week-somethin' bout a truck :)

Man, Mom. I am QUITE the letter writer. I wrote a killer letter to Grandma Cheryl, Grandma Vonnie, and a little pep talk to Mikayla via email. Haha. Just kidding. I just felt the spirit more when I wrote today, which is weird but I guess it's true that the Holy Ghost can guide us in every aspect of our lives if we'll just listen. Haha. The only problem is, I only have 10 minutes to write a letter today. Haha. But I'll try to make it a good one. I haven't seen my package yet, but since I'm here in the office, there'll be no delays in getting it to me when it does come in. Haha.

So this week was SO BUSY. It is the end of the month so we had a lot going on. We had the new support period start, so we had so many calls of people saying that they had problems with their support, like not all of it got to them or they forgot their PIN number, or whatever else. So that was fun to work out. Then we had a lot of other purchases and things I had to write off for our Mission Leaders Conference. And I had to sign 24 checks off at the bank. I'll get my driver's license this next week so I can drive the truck to do all our work after this which will be nice "Somethin' bout a truck, in the Philippines..".

So about the Mission Leaders Conference, we had all Zone Leaders come to the mission home to discuss happenings in the mission, what we are doing to promote productivity in the work of the Lord, and hear workshops from the Assistants to the President and President and Sister Tanner. It happens once a month, but it is SO tiring for the office when it does happen. They bring all the paper work for the mission and everyone comes and talks about how they need new bikes and everything and anything else. Haha. But its a great experience that I could be a part of the meeting and I could learn from the great leaders in our mission.

So later today, we'll have 5 people be baptized. :) Sister Anne, then the Hayag family. They're so great. I'll send pictures next week. :)

Love you!

Elder Head

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