Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Monday, April 25, 2016

Elder Head in the Philippines - Ubay is beautiful!

Hey Momma. Don't worry, I should have a full email time from now until the end of my mission. So my letters won't be absolutely terrible anymore. ;) Sorry again about that. That was so lame that I was being so lame. Haha..

Oh man, that new mormon message is SO GOOD. About personal responsibility. That's something that I've been working on in myself as well. I really like how it highlights how we are agents unto ourselves. We are accountable for our own sins, just how it says in the second Article of Faith. It was a really good reminder to me of the importance of good use of agency. :)
This new area is so cool! It's really progressing. A highlight from yesterday was having a part-member family who lived 2 hours away from the church come and get there about an hour early for church. What made it better was that they piled their other family members who we are not yet teaching onto their motorbike and brought them to church as well. They had their motorbike stacked up with 4-5 people each. The poor motorbike struggled a little, but he made it like a champ.

We'll have a baptism this upcoming Saturday in the ocean. We'll take pictures. Haha.
It was hard to leave Bogo, but I like it here. I'm happy already. :)
I love you Momma!

-Elder Mitchell Jeffrey Head

Yo Pop-Pop,
 I am excited to talk to you guys this next month though. Last one! I'm not trunky, no worries.

President and I are still talking about my release date. I've got a few options and choices. I'm going to think about it still and I'll let you guys know.

I've been to the Cebu temple a handful of times now. It's beautiful. We should go sometime. ;) Haha. RETURN TRIP! WHOO!

You would love it here in Ubay, Pop. It's BEAUTIFUL here.

Anything else you want to know? Any requests for souvenirs? ;)

I'm just joking with you cause you told me to not be trunky. Haha :)

Elder Head

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Elder Head in the Philippines - Transfer week #quicknote :)

Hey Momma!

I'm doing well! I'll be transferred from Bogo to Ubay. I'll be leaving the very top part of Cebu and go to the very furthest corner of Bohol. My companion is my batch, Elder Borrego! Even better, we have a car in our area! I'll still be a Zone Leader and this time our whole zone is Elders. #BoysClub #HeManWomanHaters haha!

I'm doing okay! Bummed out to be leaving Bogo, but I'm also very excited to be in my next area.

I'll talk with my mission president about an early release. I've been thinking and I feel that it might be best if I do go home early, but I'll talk with him about it before I decide for sure. But as of now, I'll probably be coming home August 10th.

Love you momma!

MTC batch mates Elder Foote, Elder Goulding & Elder Head
Photo credit @Elder Goulding

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Elder Head in the Philippines - Conference was so good!

Hey Mom and Pop!

So I need to repent. My emails have been TERRIBLE lately. I guess I've just had a lot on my mind and it's all been kind of at the time of my emailing.. Haha.. So sorry. Just know that I now have my priorities straight. We are emailing right now after a long day of laundry (by hand of course), studies, work, and making home made buko juice. It was super fun. But not as fun as General Conference.

Pastilan, Conference was so good!! I noticed a lot of my questions from my studies were answered while I was watching conference. I'd say my favorite talk was by President Russell M. Nelson: The Price of Priesthood Power. Oh man. He spoke so powerfully to the men of the church to do more than we are now. It was a call to action for us to become the men that we are meant to be. It like charged my spiritual battery and caused me to want to improve (It's like that's one of the roles of the Holy Ghost or something..). But it truly made me want to work even harder and to gain all the blessings and power the Lord is willing to give me. 

Well I'm out of time because I had to do some business for the zone to the office and I also wrote a larger letter to President Tanner.

About the early release, I'll wait a week to bring that up with President and then I'll let you know. I don't think it'd be a bad idea per say, but I just wanna wait for one more week before I make my decision. Next week my P-Day will be on Wednesday because that is the transfer week. As for now, I'm still in Bogo. Our investigator Jovet has been reading the Book of Mormon but hasn't yet received and answer, at least since Sunday. But we'll keep you posted. The Delos Santos family is still doing well. Other than that, we're looking to expand still our teaching pool. I love ya so much! 

Pops, I totally understand you about being buoyed up for certain callings or assignments. I've been there. I know that the Lord is strengthening you. 

I love you Pops. I hope that you are being refined as well. 

Momma, I'm well aware about 4 fast sundays being left in my mission. I'm sad but excited at the same time. Talk about mixed emotions.. Haha.

Elder Head

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Elder Head in the Philippines - A busy p-day!

Hey Mom and Pop.

So sorry about the lack of good updates lately. My P-Days have been really hectic lately with school and stuff so it kind of just got out of hand.. But it's all worked out now. I'll go to Lilo-an for MLC today in just a few minutes but I decided I'd better sit down and plunk out a quick email to you guys before I head out. Haha. Head.

We haven't been able to watch Conference yet, but we're going to be able to see it this week. WHOO!! I'm pretty excited to be able to hear the words of our church leaders. I'm so grateful for practice. Haha. This week we met the Delos Santos family. They have 2 small children and let us in right away. They were happy to meet with us and our first meeting felt really good. We're going to follow up with them this week.

The members here keep telling me that I have lost weight. Haha. Sorry Pops.

I can't think of what else to say right now. The work is going well.

Ask me some questions so I can answer them next week. Love you! Bye!

Elder Head