Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Monday, June 22, 2015

Elder Head in the Philippines - Happy Father's Day

Hey Pops!!

Happy Father's Day! You might have to tell Momma sorry for me cause I think you might be the only one to get a letter this week besides Grandma Cheryl. Haha.

I just watched the new Mormon Message for Father's Day. It made me so grateful that I have a father that worked so hard for me to have a comfortable, happy life. You worked so hard to support all of my expensive hobbies and sports. I was not good enough to you Pops, I'm sorry that sometimes when you would ask me stuff I would just say "k", and then keep watching tv. You did so much for me and asked so little in return. Thank you so much for your incredible example to me. I hope that you're having a great father's day. I'm also very grateful that you were always a worthy priesthood holder. I can remember the time that I was 6 or 7 and was not feeling well at all and hurt so bad but because you were worthy, you were able to give me a blessing to help me. Then with the combined efforts of the priesthood and a pretty large daily dose of prune juice, it went away. I hope that you and the other priesthood holders of the family might be able to do something to help the pain that Grandma Alice is having right now. Thank you so much for always caring for me even when I was a grouchy, whiny teenager. You always wanted what's best for me but wouldn't force it on me. Thanks for always appealing to my never ending requests for the latest video game even though it was a waste of money. I truly love those talks that you've given to me. I normally end up listening to few of them at least once a transfer. I miss you Pop. I wish I could be there to give you a big hug and tell you I love you, but I can't cause I'm a little far at the moment. Thanks for your example and advice. I love you Pops. Have a good fathers day and relay a message of happy fathers day to the other fathers of the family. Love ya.

Elder Mitchell Head

Hey Mom!
I'm doing alright. I caught the sickness of my companion (A gnarly dry cough). After a lesson we were teaching last night, we gave a blessing of comfort to one of our investigators and when I started I had to restart cause I had a coughing fit. We taught a lot of people, we had interviews with President Tanner, and Elder Mapel and I made some American food this week which was bomb! Sorry for the short letter, this was a hard week of emailing. Trying to express my feeling to Grandma Alice was pretty hard. I wish I could be home to see her just one last time. Make sure Grandma Cheryl checks her email because I sent Grandma Alice a message that she can read to her. Okay. I love you guys. I have to log off. Buhbye.


Elder Head

Monday, June 15, 2015

Elder Head in the Philippines - Baptisms for a beautiful family :)

Hey Everyone!

So we had 2 baptisms this week and one more hopefully next week. I finally had the chance to personally perform the baptism! It was the greatest feeling I've ever felt. Better than any worldly feeling ever. It was amazing. They're a beautiful family. Their mother is a member and their father is getting baptized next week. I'll send pictures :)

So there was a cool Philippines area broadcast from a room in the conference center in Salt Lake City yesterday. One thing they focused on was keeping the sabbath day holy and said that we would more grow our faith if we do this. 

This week was a good week. Elder Mapel was still sick but we worked through it. We're trying our best to continue to improve our teaching. So funny story about the baptismal clothing of the boys that we baptized on Sunday.......So the sisters had a baptism on Saturday and we had one on Sunday after the broadcast. So we thought that the sisters were just going to leave the baptismal clothes in the church, but they returned them back to the Stake Center so at the last minute, Elder Mapel and I decided that they would use our white shirts cause they are just little guys. So they used our white shirts and we just used our other ones and went the rest of the day in our white shirts, still soaking from the baptismal water....haha :)  And it came to pass that it was fun.

This week I read in the book of Enos. He gives us basically a step by step map on how to help our faith to become unshaken. That's what I'm applying from my studies this week.

It's rainy season here as I mentioned last week.....I forgot my umbrella one day and paid the price for it. It was so cold. Haha. There's pictures. Just wait.

Also I've noticed that I use the word "so" too much. I'm going to work on that. Haha!

I love you guys!

Elder Head

First baptism = amazing!

No umbrella....no bueno or dili maayo nga.....no good :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Elder Head in the Philippines - It's "rainy season" here :)

Hey guys,

So right now in the Philippines it's the "rainy season". But in reality, it's still blistering hot and the only difference is that it's a LITTLE more humid. Haha. Also, I got a haircut today Mom, I don't know why but every filipino barber has some weird, personal vendetta against my cowlick. So it gets chopped off and grows back every time I get a haircut....so that's fun.

This week was super awesome at church. We had 7 investigators at church today and 6 of them now have baptismal dates. So that's good. 3 of them are scheduled to be baptized this week and three are scheduled for June 27th. So we'll be working hard to get them to that point :)

That's cool about the focus on Sacrament meetings from the first presidency. I understand the sacrament more and understand WHY we do things. So I've definitely seen a difference in my Sunday worship since I've been on my mission. I always wondered why we have to go to church before my mission. Why you guys wanted to go to church EVERY Sunday. Now I get it though! So thank you for your example to me :)

That's about it for this week! I'm glad that the house didn't flood during "Hurricane Draper" and that you guys are still alive.

Haha love you!
Elder Head

Monday, June 1, 2015

Elder Head in the Philippines - Follow His example :)

Hey Momma!
So this week we taught a lot of our investigators and got a few new investigators too. We meant to go on splits on Sunday so we could teach more of our Recent Converts and Investigators, but that fell through so we had a crazy day of travel yesterday cause we set up return appointments for people in the complete opposite ends of our area for the same day. It worked out though. Haha!

A cool experience this week was yesterday when we taught one of our Recent Converts, a girl who is deaf and only speaks American Sign Language. When I got here I couldn't understand what she said in the slightest and she would communicate with us through writing on a whiteboard. So that's a little background knowledge. Haha. But yesterday we taught her the entire lesson 3...in 100% American Sign Language. We've kind of been picking up words here and there from her but yesterday it just clicked. The spirit was so strong in that lesson and just gave us words to say with our hands. It was such a cool experience for me.

I've been studying 2 Nephi 31, which is the Doctrine of Christ. Something cool stuck out to me in my study and caused me to underline every time that we are told about the Savior's example and the need to follow that example. By the end of the chapter, half of it was underlined in black pen. Haha, I know that we are not perfect. But luckily for us, we have a perfect example of how we should live our lives. I'm going to continue to try to more fully follow the example of Jesus Christ. Also, I'm pretty sad that Elder L. Tom Perry died, he was a good man! We have a baptism set up for next Saturday and one of the boys wants me to baptize him, so that's cool! Earlier this week Elder Mapel was sick with a gnarly chest cold so I've been listening to some of the talks from the BYU devotionals that you like, dad. They're super good. If you get a chance to give them another quick listen through. 

Elder Mapel and I have started to get up early and go to the gym with one of our zone leaders and one of our district leaders. So also, if you wanted to send me some beef jerky in my package, I wouldn't be sad. Also, dad, in my next package will you download some other devotional talks or conference talks onto an SD card for me? That'd be awesome.  

K. I love you guys bye!


Elder Mapel and Elder Head