Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Friday, September 26, 2014

MTC week 3 - Mitch says it's going by fast but as his mom....I'd disagree!

Hey guys! So problem, I seem to have forgotten my patriarchal blessing at home. Will you please mail me a copy of it? :) Thanks! I've hit my 3 week mark and it's weird! I love and miss you guys so much but I love it here and there's no place I'd rather be. This is going by so fast. I kind of suck at writing in my journal (insert awkward face emoji....?) So this week was basically exactly the same. The temple rededication was so awesome! I hope you got to see it. We also heard from Elder M. Russell Ballard on Tuesday so that was great! Bad news. We're singing in the priesthood session of conference, but the day we had the opportunity to sign up, I didn't go to choir!! So I'm going to try my best to still be in it but it's really a slim chance though. So I'm sorry momma you probably won't get to see me on tv. :(  I can't wait to just get out into the field. I'm getting kind of sick of the MTC. Haha. Thanks for the pep talk Pop! It was just what I needed today :) Nasayuud ko nga tinuod ang simbahan ug pinaagi ang pag-ula sa JesuKristo magbalik kami sa Dios. Have a great week and mahigugma ko kanato! 


Elder Head
Temple walk Sunday! 

Haha! Maybe I should scale back on the care packages :)

Nap time??

Friday, September 19, 2014

MTC week 2.....All is well :)

Hey guys!
Sorry about the short letter last week. I was sick and was too lazy to type out a better one so I apologize. Haha. So this week was the same as last week basically. Except we heard from Elder Richard G. Scott. So that was kind of cool. But he came and spoke on Tuesday in our devotional and (as expected) killed it. We got a new batch of missionaries going to the Philippines this week who are learning Ilongo. I haven't really had the chance to talk to a lot of them but they seem cool! We said goodbye to the old Ilongo district on Wednesday so that was less awesome. They're all great guys and will help a lot of people. I know it. Sa linguahey sa maayo kaayo. (The language is very good) That was a translation for all you n00bs out there. Haha joke lang. (Joking) I suck at basketball. Like really bad. But the Filipinos love basketball so I feel like I have to get better so I don't lose to a bunch of guys who's average height it 5' 3". So I've been running and playing basketball during gym. Also, in case you haven't already heard, the food isn't great. It's not bad, but definitely not great. I've been spoiled cause my Momma is the best cook in the country, so that was a crappy adjustment. But I'm over it. It's cool. Haha. Alright well, nihigugma ko namo. Tinuod ang simbahan. Gihigugma kita sa Dios. Have a good week!


Elder Head

Elder Head and Hermana LeSueur!!

Oh man...No hug! A handshake will do :)

Looks like Mitch received his "care" package from last week!

Modeling his first haircut from a stranger and not his momma!
I offered to meet him at the park across from the MTC next Friday
for a quick haircut but he couldn't wait....oh well :)

Friday, September 12, 2014

MTC - 9 days in :)

We heard from Elder Head again today! It appears that Fridays will be our favorite day of the week......P-DAY!!  We emailed back and forth a little which was nice and this is what we learned today.  Mitch has a really bad cold and is sick. He reassured us that he's fine and is taking medication and is feeling better.  He is learning a lot and working hard to learn Cebuano.  He's seen Emma LeSueur a couple of times! He saw her at a devotional on Tuesday. She happened to be sitting by some people from his branch. So when they saw each other they got excited and ran up and talked until the meeting started. Now those guys in his branch think she's his girlfriend, even though he's explained that they are just close friends! It so great that they got so see each other! Hermana LeSueur leaves the MTC on Monday morning! There are 6 people in his zone that will be going to his same mission. He is really enjoying his time in the MTC thus far :)  His letter for the blog is very short today because he is sick but an added bonus is he sent some pictures! Here is his brief (very brief) commentary for today:

Hey guys!

So this week has gone by so much faster than the first week.  Its still good here. Just exactly the same I guess. Bored. Just kidding about being bored. Cebuano is hard, but my companion and I are doing well with it. I think I'm gonna keep this letter kind of short because I can't think of anything to say right now. So yeah. Have a good week! Tinuod ang simbahan!

Elder Head

Sunday Temple Walk
Mitch being Mitch :)

Some of Mitch's zone. Elder Ho Ching, his companion, has the yellow tie on

Elder Foote

I'm sick???

Elder Ho Ching

Studying hard!

We drove down to Provo to send care packages to our missionaries :)  Somehow we ended up by the MTC....what are the odds!

Friday, September 5, 2014

WE HEARD FROM ELDER HEAD!!!! I'm happy!! :)

Hey Everyone! So I made it here safe and I haven't died yet. So it's been a pretty crazy three days. The first day I got here and I met my companion who's name is Elder Ho Ching. He's a football star from Samoa. He's really friendly and we get along really well. For the first two days, Elder Taylor's companion Elder Ratuvalu didn't show up at the MTC until seriously 10 minutes ago, so he was in a trio with Elder Ho Ching and I. It was really fun because Elder Taylor and I went to high school together but we didn't really talk all that much until now. I love both of my companions so much and I'm sad that Elder Taylor will be leaving the trio but I know that he will be an excellent companion for Elder Ratuvalu. So we got all settled into our room the first day and we slept great. (Sorry Mom.) Then the next day my companion was really itchy and found red dots all over him. So we went to the clinic and found out he had bed bugs from his room the night before so we had to clean everything. Dry clean our suits, wash ALL of our clothes, and had to put like "anti-bug" spray on all of our luggage. Then we had to move rooms as well so we were doing our laundry yesterday at like 6:30 and our Sister Leadership people (I can't remember what their actual title is. [Insert awkward teeth closed smile emoji here]) came in and told us that we had a mandatory meeting with our whole district and our branch presidency real quick. Yeah. "Real quick" was bull. We didn't get out of that meeting until 10:30 and we still had two loads of laundry to do, we had to shower to make sure we didn't have any bed bugs on us, and we still had to get the keys to our new room and move in to THAT room and we didn't get to bed until 1:30. So that was super fun. Heh heh. It really has been so much fun at the MTC. Elder Ho Ching, Elder Taylor, and I all got along really well with our roommates Elder Barrego and Elder Foote. (Yes it's ironic that Elder Head and Elder Foote are in the same room. We know.) So they had to move out with us but its cool cause we all just made jokes out of it. It's been a good time. Cebuano isn't easy but we've been studying and working so hard at it and we're actually getting it pretty well for only being here two days. Just ask us. Also, we're hilarious. Ask us that too. But my experience here has been really good so far. I've prayed more than I have at any other time in my life and I've felt Heavenly Father's love and support so much in the past two days. Mom, you'd be super proud to know that I did all my own laundry and I didn't shrink ONE PIECE of clothing. The other Elders were even asking me what to do. Like I actually knew how to do it. (I didn't. But what ever I did worked. Haha.) Well I love you guys. The church is true. Boom. 

Elder Head.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

And so it begins..........

And so it begins.....Mitch's mission! Mitch was set apart as missionary last night by President Douglas.  It was a bittersweet night as we have decided that this is the hardest part of leaving. We are so grateful for our family and friends that stopped by last night, sent texts and wished Mitch well. He was ready to go as many of his friends have already begun serving their missions. We are proud of Mitch and look forward to hearing about all of his adventures in the MTC and then the Philippines! Love you Elder Head!

Ok! Enough pictures....let's get this over with!