Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Friday, September 26, 2014

MTC week 3 - Mitch says it's going by fast but as his mom....I'd disagree!

Hey guys! So problem, I seem to have forgotten my patriarchal blessing at home. Will you please mail me a copy of it? :) Thanks! I've hit my 3 week mark and it's weird! I love and miss you guys so much but I love it here and there's no place I'd rather be. This is going by so fast. I kind of suck at writing in my journal (insert awkward face emoji....?) So this week was basically exactly the same. The temple rededication was so awesome! I hope you got to see it. We also heard from Elder M. Russell Ballard on Tuesday so that was great! Bad news. We're singing in the priesthood session of conference, but the day we had the opportunity to sign up, I didn't go to choir!! So I'm going to try my best to still be in it but it's really a slim chance though. So I'm sorry momma you probably won't get to see me on tv. :(  I can't wait to just get out into the field. I'm getting kind of sick of the MTC. Haha. Thanks for the pep talk Pop! It was just what I needed today :) Nasayuud ko nga tinuod ang simbahan ug pinaagi ang pag-ula sa JesuKristo magbalik kami sa Dios. Have a great week and mahigugma ko kanato! 


Elder Head
Temple walk Sunday! 

Haha! Maybe I should scale back on the care packages :)

Nap time??

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