Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Friday, October 3, 2014

One month down in the books!!! 23 more to go!!

Hey everyone! So this week was pretty similar to the last few weeks. Except a lot more fun, interesting, and exciting. So we got to skype Filipinos on Thursday and I learned something. I understand nothing. So I've been working a lot harder on the language and working with my teachers to improve! I have the whole first vision memorized in Cebuano. So that's cool. Also, I GOT MY FLIGHT PLANS! So I'll ship out on Oktobre 16. I'll leave at 3:35 am (Insert gun emoticon thingy here) But I'll land first in Portland, Oregon, then I'll be off to Tokyo, Japan, and then I'll be in Manila, Philippines! BUT according to my flight plans I'll be in the Manila MTC for another 5 days... Haha. But I'm freaking out! The MTC has flown by! But anyways. I am in 3rd Nephi and JesuKristo is just visiting the Nephites and he talks in verse 14 about how his hand of mercy is ALWAYS extended towards you. Nasayuud ko nga Gihigugma kita ni JesuKristo ug makakuha atong mga sakit away (I don't know away sa Cebuano. Sorry about that...) ug nasayuud ko nga makapasaylo kita para atong mga sala nga pinaagi si JesuKristo ug pagula niya para atong mga sala. Nasayuud ko nga kini mao ang tinuod nga simbahan. Conference is tomorrow so make sure you look for me in the Priesthood Session choir! (Joke lang. The one week of choir I missed was the week they picked who'll be singing in the Priesthood Session...) So don't actually look for me but look for how the talks apply to you. Because each talk given during conference will apply to you in some way or another and it's our job to figure that out. So focus up and pay attention! Nahigugma nako kamo! Have a great week! Watch Conference!
-Elder Head

This photo must have been when he was skyping with the filipinos
and didn't understand a word that was said...maybe :)

Temple walk....we like his Fast Sunday tie!

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