Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Elder Head Goes to the Philippines - Chapter 1 :)

Hey guys! 
So good news, I'm alive and well. The plane didn't lose my luggage (Although airplane food is the absolutely awful.) and in case anyone is wondering, traveling for 24 hours straight is the worst. But its okay. We arrived here at the actual MTC at 1:30 am Philippine time. I don't know the actual math for how long I was up that day, but it was SUPER long. Trust me. So the next morning we got up and had breakfast. Filipino breakfast is weird. In the absolute best way. It was so good. I've had rice with every meal here but I'm assuming/hoping I'll just get used to it. That day we went proselyting in Quezon City with the Tagalog elders. Which was hard because ya know, I speak Cebuano. But it went so well! I felt the Spirit so strongly. We taught a lola named Sister Barbosa for the second time so we taught her about the first vision. I was basically useless cause like I said, I only speak Cebuano. But I can testify to you that gifts of the spirit are real cause I had the freaking real deal gift of tongues. I told a lot of the Joseph Smith story and she actually followed along. Of course the Tagalog companion had to clear up some of it (he retold most of it and told it better than me) but they understood me! Then I went and testified in Cebuano at the end of it. :) Which was SO COOL. I could really feel the spirit. :) Then we went to our next lesson with a part member family and we taught Grace. Grace married a member and they have 1 little girl who is probably the cutest little girl ever. So we taught her about the Priesthood and I actually participated in the lesson again (sa Cebuano) and she actually understood me this time, even though she only speaks Tagalog! So nuts. So the rest of my time here has been pretty boring besides proselyting. But I loved it. The Philippines is so beautiful. I went to the Manila MTC for five days to do some immigration things and tomorrow morning I will be flying out to Cebu. I'm super nervous and DON'T want to fly again but I know that it will be worth it. :) So my favorite scripture for the week has been 3rd Nephi 9:14. Nasayuud ko nga pinaagi ang pag-ula ni JesuKristo nga makabalik kita sa pagpuyo uban sa Dios ug ni JesuKristo usab. Nasayuud ko nga gihigugma kita sa Dios ug nga mipadala ang Dios ni JesuKristo sa pag-ula para atong mga sala. Christ's arm of mercy is extended towards us. He will come unto us if we will come unto Him. :) Have a good week!
Elder Head

Peace from the Philippines!

Mitch said this is the SICKEST Mercedes....haha ok Jeepney!

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