Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Friday, October 10, 2014

Last week in the USA for 23 months and 23-ish days ;)

Hey guys! So this week was a really solid week. It was the last full week here in the US for me. Lain kaayo. Basta, there's an Elder here at the MTC right now who's from the Philippines who I talk with a lot named Elder Perez. He's the man. He's learning English and I'm learning Cebuano so we practice our language with each other. He talks in English mostly and I talk in Cebuano. But most of our conversations go like "How are you?" Maayo, ikaw? "Good! Thanks! What's your favorite food?" Akong paburrito kaon sa mga cheeseburger. Ikaw?... etc. So we don't really get that deep of conversations going but any practice is good practice! I leave on Thursday. So that's cool. This last Sunday we had a devotional and a guy named Vai Sikahima and he was the man! But the best thing this past week was PROBABLY Conference. Even though I wasn't able to feast on the usual Conference Sunday breakfast, I was fed... spiritually. (Insert laughing/crying emoji cause I thought that was so funny when I first typed it.) But it really was such a good conference. I took super good notes. Not that you would be able to tell at the moment cause I'm drawing a blank on which talk I liked the best but The 5 (or 6... ambot [I don't know] which it was) steps gaining spiritual confidence was one of my favorites because everyone, no matter how old or young can use some extra confidence. I also really enjoyed President Eyring's talk about preparing priesthood holders. Cause I'm about to be a n00b in about 6 days in the 'Pines and will be trained. So I was just like "Hey that's me, I'm getting trained." But honestly it was a great week :) That's about it! The next time you'll hear from me I'll be in the Philippines eating dog and stuff. Have a good week! 
Daghan gugma,
Elder Head

Mitch's last Friday in the USA!!

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