Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Friday, September 12, 2014

MTC - 9 days in :)

We heard from Elder Head again today! It appears that Fridays will be our favorite day of the week......P-DAY!!  We emailed back and forth a little which was nice and this is what we learned today.  Mitch has a really bad cold and is sick. He reassured us that he's fine and is taking medication and is feeling better.  He is learning a lot and working hard to learn Cebuano.  He's seen Emma LeSueur a couple of times! He saw her at a devotional on Tuesday. She happened to be sitting by some people from his branch. So when they saw each other they got excited and ran up and talked until the meeting started. Now those guys in his branch think she's his girlfriend, even though he's explained that they are just close friends! It so great that they got so see each other! Hermana LeSueur leaves the MTC on Monday morning! There are 6 people in his zone that will be going to his same mission. He is really enjoying his time in the MTC thus far :)  His letter for the blog is very short today because he is sick but an added bonus is he sent some pictures! Here is his brief (very brief) commentary for today:

Hey guys!

So this week has gone by so much faster than the first week.  Its still good here. Just exactly the same I guess. Bored. Just kidding about being bored. Cebuano is hard, but my companion and I are doing well with it. I think I'm gonna keep this letter kind of short because I can't think of anything to say right now. So yeah. Have a good week! Tinuod ang simbahan!

Elder Head

Sunday Temple Walk
Mitch being Mitch :)

Some of Mitch's zone. Elder Ho Ching, his companion, has the yellow tie on

Elder Foote

I'm sick???

Elder Ho Ching

Studying hard!

We drove down to Provo to send care packages to our missionaries :)  Somehow we ended up by the MTC....what are the odds!

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