Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Elder Head in the Philippines - Transfer week #quicknote :)

Hey Momma!

I'm doing well! I'll be transferred from Bogo to Ubay. I'll be leaving the very top part of Cebu and go to the very furthest corner of Bohol. My companion is my batch, Elder Borrego! Even better, we have a car in our area! I'll still be a Zone Leader and this time our whole zone is Elders. #BoysClub #HeManWomanHaters haha!

I'm doing okay! Bummed out to be leaving Bogo, but I'm also very excited to be in my next area.

I'll talk with my mission president about an early release. I've been thinking and I feel that it might be best if I do go home early, but I'll talk with him about it before I decide for sure. But as of now, I'll probably be coming home August 10th.

Love you momma!

MTC batch mates Elder Foote, Elder Goulding & Elder Head
Photo credit @Elder Goulding

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