Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Monday, February 15, 2016

Elder Head in the Philippines - lots of exchanges this week :)


This last week was so good! We've done a lot of exchanges with missionaries so I can better get to know my zone. We were also able to do Zone Interviews this week. I love just talking with President Tanner even though it was just a short time, you can still feel his love for you. There's this family that's SO awesome here Dad. They allowed us to share a message with them. Brother Ivy, the father, started out as a Catholic, then went Seventh Day Adventist, then brought his family to a church here in the Philippines called "Iglesia ni Cristo", and now just does his own thing. He said each of those churches taught well and he liked their doctrine, but something felt missing from each of them. Yeah. He's solid. His family is so good too. They're all super humble and receptive. It's like the Lord just gave us a late Christmas present. They're so great. I'll let you know what else goes on with them. :)

Is there still no news about BYU?

So this week, I tried to focus my studies on the gospel and how we can receive peace from it. In my life, there have been many times where I could not find any peace for my soul until I practiced the principles of the gospel. Mainly faith and repentance. It's funny to see how our studies affect our work because that seemed to be the topic of most of our discussions with people this week. About guilt and how to relieve it. I can truly say that nothing has brought true and lasting peace to my heart, other than living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I can say that because there have been times when I felt have not lived the gospel. The contrast is very large and very real. It's only through faith and repentance that we can achieve that freedom from guilt and sorrow. I know this is true.

We cycled through some of the investigators we found last week. Some were busy and others just plain hid from us. Haha. But we worked hard every day and are still looking for those people who are ready to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Elder Mangrobang is a GREAT cook. I'm trying to learn from him. Haha.

Love ya Momma & Pops!!

Elder Head
On exchanges w/Elder Beltiar FHE fun :)

Mitch decided to share a bathroom (CR) photo just for fun. EW!

His description of this photo was #tallpeopleprobs

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