Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Monday, February 22, 2016

Elder Head in the Philippines - Filipino BBQ/mini FHE :)

Hey Ma,

I didn't make it into BYU which means my next plan is to find out about this "required test" that I'm supposed to take for entry into UVU. They say that I need to take it before August 1st. I'm gonna do some searching to see if I could potentially take it somewhere here in the Philippines. I've already talked with President Tanner about this and he said that if I could take it here, I should. But if I can't take it here, I'll need to get home early enough for me to take it. But Ryan claims that he needed to take that test too, then never did, and he's fine. I dunno if lightning will strike twice for us there though, so I should probably take it. Maybe I can transfer over to BYU. Maybe.

This week we had a district activity where we had Filipino BBQ and had a mini FHE in this beach resort thing. It was really cool and here's a picture from it. (It was a lot bigger and you could see more of the surroundings, but my garment bottoms were showing on the bottom, so I cropped it out. Sorry lang. Haha.)

This week we had to do a realignment of two of the areas in our zone. There is now a small group that meets in the middle of their areas which caused confusion with the branch and the missionaries about where each of the investigators and members would meet from each area. After much planning and conferring with one another the missionaries and the District Leader of their area, we worked out a solution and we all feel confident that it was a good change. So that was fun.

I've noticed in myself that I have taken a leaf out of dad's book and am not really all that compassionate (Sorry Dad). I've been working to be more loving and compassionate and understanding with our investigators. I feel it's been more effective.

This is really long.

Love you Momma!

-Elder Head

Yo Pop,

I didn't make it into BYU. Which is a bummer. Especially because Chris and Connor sent me a group email this week talking about housing at BYU this fall......OUCH. Just kidding. I told them either to do off campus housing so I can be with them, or I can just hang out with them if I live with Ryer.

I totally knew that Bishop Gardner would be released before I got home. I'm really excited for those three, you'll all be doing great things.

We're finding so many new investigators, like we got 11 last week and 6 this past week, but they just are not progressing or keeping any commitments. We're going to try to give out IBD's like candy this week so they'll feel they have something to work towards so we'll see if that helps them to move in the right direction to get an answer. Let me know what you feel about that.

It's so weird that I'm just about to hit my 18 month mark next week. I can't believe how fast time is going now. Haha. Who will be the next bishop of our ward??

Do you remember how before my mission, if we'd watch movies in the basement at night I'd always fall asleep? That happens a lot in our planning lately. I guess my body is still adjusting to being out and moving all day. haha.

Love you Pop Pop.

-Elder Head

We sure love missionary pics....in any form...focused or not :)  #hurryup6months

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