Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Friday, March 4, 2016

Elder Head in the Philippines - 6 months to go :)

I loved your talk. This week we did a lot of exchanges so I had a lot of different companions this week. I got sick on Friday night and Saturday. Super high fever and pain in my stomach/back. Sister Tanner's got me on some medicine that's been helping me out a lot. That's about it. Sorry I'm about out of time!

Love you!

Ps. About the pictures. This is without a doubt, the biggest pig I have ever seen in my life. I dunno if this picture does it justice, but it was like two of me and a little more. I'm terrible at guessing measurements, so... yeah. Anyways. Big pig. I didn't get the memo about this picture with Polambato District!  Haha!!

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