Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Monday, March 14, 2016

Elder Head in the Philippines - District Conference - Press Forward

Dear Bishop Dad Jeffrey Head Pops,

HOLY COW. THAT'S SO CRAZY. We've been joking about it for years and it finally happened!! Isn't revelation the coolest thing? I had some revelation as well this week that I should just live at home with you guys for a little bit before I head off to school. I think that it'll be a good cushion for me to return to regular member life after the mission. BAH. There's a little skype button thing to the right of the screen that I'm using and it's so tempting for me to just shoot you a ring real quick and just talk. There's so much we could discuss. Haha. It can wait for Mother's Day, I guess.

Dad, that's so awesome about your new calling. I know that you are going to do so well. The Lord prepares a way for us to do everything he asks. Just keep living the gospel and it will change us daily, if we let it, and this calling will help you become the man the Lord has always known you can be. Love ya tons Pop Pop.

This week was District Conference here in the Bogo District of the Church, and the theme was also 2 Nephi 31:20 and man, the speakers were so good. Something that really stood out to me was that one of the speakers shared Revelation 3:15-16 (If I'm not mistaken) which talked about how the Lord wants us to either be hot or cold. It's either that we're with him or we're not, there's no middle ground. He then compared it to pressing forward, how we must continue to get hotter and hotter and become more like the Savior, or we will not be worthy to stand at the last day. This was important to me because I've been studying the Plan of Salvation about our earth life. Mainly about how this life is the time of our probation. We're either making the most out of this time or we're wasting it and much like the parable of the talents, the Lord will just our use of this time here on the earth. If we use it well and grow "hotter" the Lord will be pleased. If not, the Lord will "spew us out of his mouth". There were many other talks about pressing forward which I also enjoyed, but that one fit my studies really well. Haha.

Gah, none of our investigators came to church this week. We've been really shifting the focus of our teaching to focus on repentance and commitments. But our investigators aren't making the changes that will really help to grow their faith. They're just content with listening to us and not do anything. It's so frustrating sometimes, but it's really teaching me patience. Which will be a great skill to have in the upcoming years.

I just checked the ward directory. That was so weird to see your name up there as bishop. Oh man.

Well, Love you. You'll do great.
-Elder Head

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