Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Elder Head in the Philippines - Happy Mother's Day :)

May has been pretty good thus far. Sister Elaine Mae was baptized and confirmed this past week. Woohoo!

Our area is HUGE! But it's manageable. We've been working with a few families which has been great.

Malipayong adlaw sa mga Inahan!! (Happy Mother's Day!!)

I'm really happy about the opportunity that I had to talk with my family earlier. This week we spent about half of the time in Cebu and half of the time in our area on Bohol. We were able to attend a Missionary Leadership Council meeting where we discussed concerns and improvements to be made in the mission. It was a great meeting, it just kept us in Cebu for a while. Even still, we were able to meet some new investigators and teach our other investigators.

Love you!
-Elder Head

Mother's Day skype session was GREAT!! We loved seeing and talking to Mitch! His cebuano is #onpoint :)  We LOVED the entire 60 minute conversation!! The senior couple serving in Mitch's new area are bloggers and sent me a link to their blog! We love that they post photos every week.....and that Mitch has been in their posts recently! Thanks to Elder and Sister Bell for these:

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