Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Elder Head in the Philippines -week 5 is a little slow :)

Oh what's up everyone? So this week was kind of slow. Haha. We had Stake Conference on Saturday night so we had the Priesthood session that night and right after we had the adult session. Which were both good. We had Elder Collado come who is some sort of general authority. I'm not sure if he's an area 70 or a member of the second quorum of the 70 or what, but he killed it. He was super adamant about how the Filipino members need to all be full tithe payers which is definitely a good goal, I think. We'll have the baptism of Sister Joana this Saturday! WOOHOO. I'm super stoked. I love Filipino food but on Tuesday we went to eat dinner at the Bailey's house, and man I miss American food. Well, technically Mexican food. The Bailey's are an American family from Utah here on business. They go to the Talamban ward because that's an English ward but they're in our ward boundaries and have the missionaries of this ward over sometimes for fun. They can't have the missionaries in their ward come over because their ward is in the Cebu Mission so their house is out of the mission boundaries, but they cooked enchiladas and it was super good. Well enough trunky stuff. So on Sunday Elder Collado slipped into some Tagalog during his talk and at that time he was talking about following the commandments, and I guess the Tagalog word for follow is like "libong" or something, which sounds JUST like the Cebuano word for "Go poop" so his talk sounded like "Kinahanglan ta sa paglibong sa mga kasugoan" So I was super confused. Like why would we poop on the commandments??? Then Elder Larson told me that it means follow or something in Tagalog. So that happened this week. Haha. We're working hard to find new investigators so hopefully this week we'll be able to tract out in Cabancalan a little more. Sigi. That's about it for this last week! Love you guys! Have a super nindot week! 

Elder Head

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