Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Monday, April 13, 2015

Elder Head in the Philippines - Week 26 - SO MUCH WALKING!

Wow! Mitch's package that we sent him 3 months ago FINALLY is in his possession! I'll admit this is when I'm a bit envious of the missionaries serving stateside missions :)

Here's Elder Head's email this week:

Yes I was able to get my package!! The cheez-its were the greatest idea and are already almost gone. Haha. The kids and everyone looks so big now!!! WOW. WHAT THE HECK! IT'S SO WEIRD. Haha

So this week is the first week that Elder Larson and I are back together. This week it's been SO MUCH WALKING. We went to a part of our area called mambo-ol which is an area that I don't think has been really gone to for a long time so hopefully we'll be able to find some people who are ready to listen. Elder Larson actually timed our travel time yesterday and out of 3 hours of work (We could only work 3 hours yesterday because of conference) 2 hours of that was walking to our investigators' respective houses with whom we had appointments. Also, I was also just told from the office that bikes aren't an option for my area because there aren't any that are available right now. They would be worried about giving them to us right now even of they were available because of the condition of Elder Larson's knee, so we're going to try to find some of the members that aren't active in the church any more. So that's our plan.

This week I was able to watch conference! Better late than never, haha. I received emails about how awesome conference was and I still wasn't able to see it yet. It was just like previews to a movie for me, I was so excited to be able to watch! I loved the theme about the sacredness of marriage, the family, and parenthood. Something that stood out to me again was the call for Young Single Adults to get married *Cough* Ryan. *Cough*

But Conference really was just as good as everyone said it would be. Some of my favorite talks were President Eyring's talk in the Saturday morning session about Fasting, Elder Bednar's talk on Peace in the Saturday afternoon session, Elder Hollands's talk about the Atonement in the Sunday morning session, and Elder Uchtdorf's talk on Grace in the Sunday morning session.

I was able to finish the Gospels and will start the Acts of the Apostles as well as finish the Book of Mormon this week. The need for Apostles and Prophets in every dispensation has become so clear to me. If we don't have the loving guidance from God in our lives that comes through apostles and prophets that are called of God, we would surely still be in the state of confusion and spiritual darkness that comes from apostasy. But we are so blessed to live in a time where there ARE prophets and apostles called of God here on the earth and they DO have instruction from on high. I lovingly sustain our leaders in this church and I know that if we follow the counsel of the prophet and apostles that we will "prosper in the land" and will receive blessings that we never could have foreseen.

I love being a missionary!

Elder Head

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