Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Elder Head in the Philippines - Week 25 - Transfer week, staying in Duero w/newly returned Elder Larson :)

Hey Dad!

So I haven't been able to see conference yet. I'll see it next week hopefully. So it's transfer week so I'll be getting a new comp! Except he's not new. I'm going back with my trainer so I'll be retraining him in the mission. 

My area is super hard dad. What should I do?

Love ya Pops, I've been thinking a lot of our adventures and missed opportunities I had to talk about the Gospel with you. Get your two cents about everything. I can't wait to go on another adventure with you when I get home. Miss you big guy!

Elder Head

Hey Momma. Sorry I always email you last. I just have to make sure I get them all done so I still have enough time to send you a lengthy one. :)

Tell the kiddies that I love them and miss them! I'll send them another little voice message next month when we talk on Mother's day (Pretty excited to see y'all). I've been cooking some good food lately but I think that last night I didn't cook my fish 100% all the way through cause my stomach feels kind of weird. Other than that I'm great though! My package should get here tomorrow. It didn't get here yet cause there was a mix up at the office or something? I dunno. Hopefully it'll be here tomorrow. :) 

It's super weird that I've been gone for 7 months. It's been going by really fast. 

I'll be back before we know it. :)

K here's my letter now. 

Hey guys! 

So this week was a long week cause it's transfer week! I'm staying in Duero and I'm still the District Leader's comp. The new District Leader is my trainer Elder Larson. He'll just be getting back to the mission so I'll be retraining him back into the field. 

We haven't been able to watch Conference yet which I'm kind of bummed about but we'll watch it this week (Hopefully hopefully hopefully). But from what I hear it was super good! We're so blessed that we have a living prophet here on the earth today and are lead by living prophets and apostles who receive revelation for us in these latter days!

This week we put a bigger focus on the members so that when we bring investigators to church that we can have a better atmosphere for them and get everyone a little bit more organized. So it was a lot of looking for less actives and teaching the active members. 

Sorry. This week was just kind of "Mao ra gihapon". 

Keep the faith

Elder Head

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