Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Elder Head in the Philippines - Week 24 - A fun week!

Hey Dad!! About the service project, it went super well! We helped our Branch President build a tindahan that he is gonna sell halo halo out of it. It was super cool! We're working on expanding our area. The missionaries in the past, just like last area, have only focued on 3 parts of our area. But our area is HUGE. I'm working with the office elders to get us some bikes here so that we can go deeper into our area without having to use half of the day walking to find the area. Haha.

I SAW A FILIPINO VERSIONOF YOU HERE. I didn't get a picture unfortunately cause we were on a bus at the time but it was SO WEIRD. Haha!! Love you Pops! Thanks for giving me some of your 'Gwapo" genes. Haha.

L8r Gator.


Hey momma!
Sorry it's taking me so long ro email you guys! The internet here in Duero is atrociously slow and for that reason there's not gonna be any pictures this week. Sorry kaayo!

I have already talked to Ryan and Dad about my car. But Ryan is new car is super gwapo! Hey so 
my package is here. It is in the office right now. It will get to me this Thursday at Zone Training Meeting. :)

Hey will you send me some of my gwapo american ties in my next package. I'm sick of ugly Filipino neck ties. Haha. ALSO, I found my backpack in Tagbilaran last week and I forgot to say in my letter!! So don't worry about the missionary library and stuff. :) Everything was actually there which was surprising. Haha.

So here's my letter now :)

Happy week 68! Just kidding I have no idea what week it is.

So this week was fun, I gave an impromptu talk this week in church cause the speakers just didn't show up. So I spoke on carrying our cross and following the Savior. It was super cool.  The words just kind of came. It was a really cool experience.

This week we went on splits on Saturday and I the area with Elder Albar. It was super awesome we made some good contacts we can follow up on and we taught some of our investigators! It's really cool going on splits just to see everyone else's different teaching styles.

I played piano again this week and it was NOT a disaster like last week! It was super cool. The gift of tongues with piano is real. That's probably not the sacto name of it but anyways I was able to play the piano in sacrament with people singing and not have to trail off and play one note the whole time so I'd call that a blessing. Haha.

We're working with the office elders to get bikes for my area cause it's really big in parts and REALLY  jungle-y so there's a lot of houses in concentrated parts way in the jungle that takes half of the day to walk to  and the rest of the day to walk home from. Haha. So hopefully that'll go through.

For some reason this whole week I've just wanted a cheese enchilada but there is neither cheese that you can buy in the jungle or tortillas here in the Philippines which is a shame. Just thought I'd share that for a minute.

Lately I've been studying the New Testament a lot along with a lot of Book of Mormon reading and it just happened to line up that I'm reading the Gospel of John along with 3rd Nephi where Jesus Christ shows himself to the Nephites in Bountiful, so my heart has really been full of love, respect, and adoration for the Savior at this time. We're so blessed that our Father in Heaven loved us enough to make such an incredible plan for each of us as His children, We're so blessed to have a Savior that knows us perfectly and wants so badly to give us comfort, strength, and forgiveness. I'm so grateful for Jesus Christ and his Sacrifice for each of us and his willingness to yield His will to the will of the Father. I truly have a much deeper appreciation for them and my understanding is becoming so much deeper of their love for each and everyone of us.


-Elder Head

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