Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Elder Head in the Philippines week 20 - Duero - absolutely incredible!!

When Mitch was preparing for his mission and we were driving home from getting his wisdom teeth out, and while still very under the influence of having been "put out" for the procedure, he promised me that he would take so many pictures, this conversation was captured on video and he was vvery funny! This is how he started his letter out to me tonight, which I loved btw :)

"Mom, don't worry. On my mission, I'm gonna take SO MANY PICTURES. And you're gonna be like "WOW. You're doing SO GOOD."

Yeah. I took a crapton of pictures. You wanna know what sucks SUPER BAD though? My SD card reader just broke. So I can't send any pictures this week either. Which is a bummer cause I took a few that are FB profile picture worthy, if you ask me. My area now is like the complete opposite of my first area. My house is right across the street from the ocean. Then behind my house is straight jungle. I kid you not. It's so freaking cool. I'll get you pictures that I took (CAUSE I TOOK SO MANY) to you guys next week. There's one of me in front of the ocean which is pretty gwapo.      I'll just write my letter now I guess. Haha.      

Hey guys!
So I'm in Duero with only 2/3 of my luggage. So that's good. Haha. After the boat ride from Cebu to Tagbilaran port, we waited there at the bus station to board a series bus to Valencia. We all grabbed lunch and then after that we just threw everyone's stuff on the series. There wasn't really any order to it.  We just took whoever's stuff was there and chucked it on. So I grabbed one of my big suitcases and one of the sister's big suit cases and put it on the bus.  After that it looked like all the luggage was on the bus so we boarded and got the heck out of Tagbi. In Valencia Zone our whole zone just follows one highway with Duero being almost the very last companionship on the bus. Then when we got to our house we got off and the conductor handed me my two suitcases, but my backpack was gone. Then we argued just a minute trying to find my backpack. Then the guy said he threw it off the bus at Tagbi port cause no one picked it up off the seat. Which sucks cause it had my Missionary Library books, my Preach My Gospel, and my Book of Mormon, Bible, and Doctrine and Covenants in it that I took to the mission from home. Luckily Elder Gavin has 4 Preach My Gospels. One little english, one big english, one big cebuano, and one big tagalog. We're still trying to get that whole thing figured out.

Other than that though it's been a super sick week. Right after I got here and got over the crushing loss of my books (It's not crushing, it's just a bummer is all. SOrry Pops before hand that I'm a Walay claro ongoi.) it's been a super good week! We hit the ground running and Elder Gavin and I got straight to work. I met the Branch President and we went and taught a lesson to one of the members. Then the next day we went and taught 7 investigators and 2 less actives. Sunday was weird cause I'm only used to wards but we went church and we don't have an actual church. We have an old house that the church bought that they renovated to look like a church. It's super sick though (Sick as in cool or nindot. Not cool as in gross.) I'll send some pictures next week. Today we're going into Jagna to take out our money and go shopping cause there's no ATM's in Duero. Haha. That's about it. My comp is from St. George, Utah. He really likes running so I run with him in the mornings which is good cause I need to like running. Haha. The air here is so fresh and the oceanbreeze is absolutely incredible. I fall asleep to the sound of waves at night. It's incredible here.

The earth is truly incredible. I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father created all this through his Son, Jesus Christ, for all of us. We are truly blessed.

Later fools!

-Elder Head

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