Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Elder Head in the Philippines Week 13 - Transfer week but not for Elder Head or Elder Larson :)

Hey Momma! I took our gamay lang kwarta sa pagpalit ang scripture case sa akoa ug og karabao belt gihapon. Apan ang bag-ong karabao belt nake, dili maka fit siya naka... So that's a bummer. Haha. Enjoy google translate Momma ;)

So with the temple, Everything was in english. Haha. So no it wasn't confusing :) THAT BURGER WAS SO BIG BUT SO GOOD. Or maybe it was a "Just-okay" burger on American standards, but it was in fact delicious on Filipino standards. :) So we still worked this week cause Elder Larson can walk, he just has to be careful and take it slow. Mom, you haven't seen crazy kids until you've come to the Philippines. They're nabuang! Haha. I love 'em though :) So did Oregon win or Ohio State?? 

So with Elder Larson, he is potentially going to get surgery in a couple weeks, we don't know 100% what's gonna happen with him. But I'm staying in Mandaue with him for another transfer so that'll be fun! We've got good chemistry as a companionship so I'm glad I'll be able to help him through his surgery, if he has it here. He could potentially end up going home and getting the surgery and coming back when he's back up to health. Maybe four months, the doctors are thinking. I don't know what would happen to me in that case. Haha. Maybe transfer or get added into another companionship and I will be the third companion or something.? I dunno. Haha. 

I'm glad everyone is doing well at home! I just watched the video of Edward speaking Tagalog and I think I actually understood it this time. Haha. :) The language is really coming along so much better now. I'm reading out loud in the Basahon ni Mormon to help with my pronunciation and ability to read Cebuano. I'm really being helped out so much though. The Spirit really gives me words sometimes in lessons that any other time, I can guarantee that I would not remember at all. We're so lucky to have the gift of the Holy Ghost with us always. Well that's about all I can think of right now. So have a good week!
Love you Momma! :)

Elder Head

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