Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Monday, January 26, 2015

Elder Head in the Philippines wk 15 One of the hardest weeks of my life!

Hey Pop!
YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO MEXICO??? That's way cool actually. You guys will be more in a climate like mine. It's awesome. You'll love it. :)  I haven't read Bishop's email yet but I'll get right on it. My new comp facebooked you? I don't even know who it is yet. Haha. I've been working with a ward missionary and the Elders from Mandaue 4 this week.  It's so hard though. I don't have a follow up trainer yet. So this week was a lot of tracting. I also had a revelation. I suck at conversational language, and that's half of tracting here in the "Pines is small talk. I'm getting my butt kicked. I cried for the first time in my mission this week cause I felt like there was so much pressure on me. I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders and mine alone. Then I remembered the scripture in Matthew 11: Come unto me all of you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Paraphrased of course but the meaning is the same and that's what I did and honestly I feel so much better now. I know that even tough this is probably the hardest thing I've done in my life, being the lone missionary in Mandaue 1A being only 4 months out, it can be made light through Christ. Also, my new comp should get here this week. Hopefully, But that's about how my week went. Haha. You got new guns too?? I'm glad that mom will now have her own mercenary to protect her around the house. ;) Haha. Love you Pop! Have a good week!

Elder Head

Hey Momma,
Haha! That's Brother Danilo, who must have facebook messaged you. He meant to say I'm the missionary of their ward right now. I STILL DON'T HAVE A COMP.  It's so hard to be honest. Haha. But Zone Leaders say that the AP's told them that my new comp should be here this week. So fingers crossed!! Haha. DOn't worry I'm not kidnapped and it's still a freaking humid oven over here. Haha. So to be completely honest, this week has been probably one of the hardest weeks of my life. So Elder Larson left on Thursday morning so I was just working with a ward missionary. It's super hard though cause the language is still a struggle for me and the ward missionaries don't understand the lessons and I need a follow up trainer, but I don't have one yet. So it's just been kind of a rough week. But it's okay! No big deal. Haha. Even though my burden feels super heavy I know it can be made light through the Lord. I hope my new comp gets heres soon. Haha Love you Momma! I'll write another email as the blog letter. Also there are no garbanzo beans here, which is a bummer. There's also almost no fresh parmesan that will not cost me an arm and a leg. Haha :)

Elder HEad


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