Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Monday, January 19, 2015

Elder Head in the Philippines - Week 14- Seems like he's been gone forever!!!

Hey Everyone!
I hope that you all had a good week! It sounds like things are going good at home so that's cool! Go Seahawks! Hey Momma real quick....can you send me some Momma-ish recipes to me so I can cook something like you?? Cause my cooking is alright but I just want some momma-ish cooking :) Thanks Momma!

Elder Larson is going home to get knee surgery. It sounds like he'll leave Tuesday-ish, they're still working it out up in Manila because the Pope being there they won't allow any planes to go in or out of Manila til he's gone. It's super difficult and frustrating haha! I don't know his replacement yet. I might end up staying here or I might get moved into a trio. I really have no idea yet. ATTA GIRL! Momma your google translate was spot on. ;) Church was good! Everyone was just telling Elder Larson how much they'll miss him and stuff. This past weekend was Sinulog here in Cebu. That's a Catholic holiday here on Cebu only. They take their  Senor Santo Ninyo and just march behind it on Sunday and just be super loud and get super drunk. It's mainly in Cebu City but it reaches over to  Mandaue as well. So that was loud. Haha. That's awesome! Tell Darren and Andra congrats for me about their sealing! :)

Wherever and with whoever I serve, I'll be ready for it. Haha :) For me I'm just still trying to wrap my head around that I'm coming up on my 5 month mark. Haha, So sorry if there's random spaces, my computer here is kind of  dumb. Haha.

So this week was a lot better than the past few weeks! We didn't have any doctors appointments or anything like that this week so we could actually work the whole week and we got a lot more lessons. Most of them have been "goodbye" lessons for Larson cause he's going to go home this week, but they were super spiritual, so that was good. We did a lot more tracting this week and we found a guy name Xavier who actually came and approached us and asked us to teach him. So we went and had an awesome first visit with him. Then we came back the next visit and his whole family was there. Probably 20 people. They're all being baptized on Saturday. Joke. That'd be great though :) They were all there an they were really really distracting so the spirit kind of left our lesson. Then we went back to teach Xavier again and he just seems so distant. So we're going to go back today and see if there's anything we can do to help him. Just see what he needs. Hopefully we can help him. Other than Xavier, the story of the week has been tracting. I'm trying to do to other parts of our area because our area is pretty big but the past missionaries have just stuck to two parts of our area. They basically sucked it dry to be honest. We try to tract and all the people were like, "Oh yeah we were taught by the missionaries one time, we're not really interested." Then they just invite us to eat dinner with them anyways, so that's nice. We just keep working. Haha.

That's about it! Love you guys!

Elder Head

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