Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Monday, February 2, 2015

Elder Head in the Philippines week 16 - Recognizing tender mercies in his life :)

Hey Dad! 

The Seahawks were in the super bowl again this year??? Nindot. Haha. So sorry that I was such a loser and forgot to get your advice last week. I will in the future, I promise. Haha :) I received a lot of help from the ward this week and I received a LOT more help from Heavenly Father. I've recognized so many tender mercies in my life the past week and a half, it's really been so incredible. Elder Heimuli is great. Really focused and a really hard worker too. I'm excited. It should be good. :) I'm glad that you had a good week this week! I did too. There was a lot of tracting and it went really well. I really enjoyed it. One of our investigators is super interesting guy. His name is Brother Maddie. He's retired and used to work as a chef so he's traveled a lot of places. He used to be REALLY Catholic but he is now undecided on his religion.  Hopefully we can help him. Love ya Pop!

Elder Head

Hey Momma!
So good news! I have my new companion finally! He just got here last night. His name is Elder Heimuli, from Payson, Utah.  He's a really hard worker it sounds like. It'll be a good week. So this last week of being the lone survivor here in Mandaue 1 Red was good! I got a LOT of support from the ward and a lot of people to work with me. We've got a lot of new investigators from this last week. It'll be good for them to have 2 steady missionaries now instead of having one constant missionary with an assortment of different kuyogs. So the highlight of this week for me was probably having so many of the Priesthood leaders in my ward this week. I learned so much about different styles of teaching and just got so much help about the language and tracting and I've really learned so much so far from this transfer. So tell people not to worry cause I'm doing good now! It's hard but it's really good as well. That's about it! Tell Speaker of the House, Greg congrats for me! Tell Jake-y sorry that his Seahawks are losers... ;) Love ya so much and miss ya too!

Elder Head :)

Mitch's trainer/companion, Elder Larson, returned home last week for knee surgery. We hope that all goes well for him.  Elder Larson was so good at taking photos while serving with Mitch and we loved it as his mom would share them with us. I sure hope that Mitch will eventually start taking photos and sharing them with us......my fingers are crossed :) 

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