Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Monday, May 25, 2015

Elder Head in the Philippines - Great week in Lapu Lapu :)

Yeah Mom, I'm back in the city. It's so sweet. There's so many more, different people. It's super great. Haha. I learned SO MUCH from my last area. I know I'll learn a lot more from this area as well. Haha. Elder Mapel is from southern Oregon next to Crater Lake.  We get along really well. He has a desire to be obedient which is good. We've been working a lot with the language and our teaching. I'm showing him that you can still have fun while being obedient at the same time. It's super weird being senior companion. I'm also his first American companion which is cool as well. It's not much different being senior companion. Missionary work gihapon. Haha. The ward is SO BIG. They have a small ward boundary but there's a lot of members here. They're very involved with the missionary work as well. Every day that I've been here in Pajo, we've been fed at least one meal a day from the members. I say at least because on Sunday we got fed lunch and dinner.. Haha. Mom feed the missionaries sometime. It's so awesome to have them in the house. There's so much progress in this area. We have 11 investigators right now who have baptismal dates who are referrals from other recent converts in the ward. It's so awesome. Our area is about the same size as Mandaue 1. I'm in the Mandaue Stake again and I'll see all of Mandaue 1 on June 14th for a multi-stake broadcast. I'm pretty excited about that cause I can actually speak the language now. Haha.

Sweet, the "family tie competition" is on!  Sounds great! Thanks! Tell them to make it as unique and cool and cheap as possible, I don't want to be a burden. The house looks so good! It's so weird!! I can't wait to see it when it's done! I hear dad dropped $$$ on fireworks this year. Y'all are binuang. Haha. I hope I have an American companion for 4th of July! All of my companions up until this point have been American. So I hope the streak goes on for one more transfer!!

The ward here is super bomb though. They're so supportive to the missionaries. I love it so much. I'm super excited to serve here and I hope I get to serve here for a long bit. Haha. I've been helping Elder Mapel with his language a lot and we're working on our teaching to become the best we can. We're hoping to keep improving and keep helping with the area to grow and improve. Thanks to my last area, I feel my language has improved enough to more be prompted by the Spirit more in the lessons. It's super great. Also, I've noticed how different the language is here in the city. In Duero, it is 100% Visayan all the time. Here in Lapu Lapu, everyone mixes in so much English with their Visayan it just sounds like they're just speaking English to me. Haha. It's super weird.

So the investigators and members here are super awesome. One of our Recent Converts is named Daryl. She's super smart and excited about the Gospel. She was baptized on Wednesday and was just confirmed yesterday. She's already read the Book of Mormon once now and is restarting. Also, she's deaf and can only read English and speak American Sign Language. She's already started to teach me American Sign Language and I hope to be able to speak that one too by the time I get home.. Just joking. But she's super awesome. All of the investigators here have cool stories like that as well.

I'm super glad to be here. I feel that it'll be a great few transfers. I'll hit my 9 month mark next week. It's going by so fast. My goal is to use this time wisely and to not pass me by.

Elder Mitchell Head

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