Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Elder Head in the Philippines - Good & Bad :)

Hey Guys!

So this week we got punted a lot which sucks, also our baptism fell through this last week. We have one sure baptism this week though. As far as stories go this week....while we were teaching a less active this week, she got super mad at me and then started to then mock everything that I said. The gift of patience is real because even though I was REALLY REALLY REALLY frustrated and felt like she wanted to smack me, we just got through the lesson safely. No punches were thrown. We're safe. Haha.

Also I finished reading the New Testament this week which was super good. We had a lot of good, but then we had a lot of not as good happen this week. Good, Brother Anthony is ready to be baptized this week. Bad, we haven't seen or heard from Brother Lauron and Brother Noland all week. Good, we're finding some new less active members that we can teach. Bad, half of the less active members on our list are either passed away or moved out. We're still working to get it all figured out though. Haha. That's about it for this week! Sorry about the shorter letter this week! Love ya!

Elder Head

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