Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Elder Head in the Philippines - I'm a trainer now! :)

Hey Mom. Sorry it's been like 2 weeks since I was able to write :) However, you do have your calendar and should know that this week is transfer week. But I wasn't able to write yesterday because I was picking up my new companion/trainee. I'm now a trainer. Haha. It's super weird because it feels like just yesterday that I was waiting in the mission home for my trainer. Time is truly flying. Elder Foote is training too, so Heavenly Father definitely has a sense of humor. All the trainees thought it was was the funniest thing too. Elder Head and Elder Foote. They liked it even more when they found out that there is an Elder Espiritu (Spirit) and a Sister Nalawas (Lawas is "body" in Visayan).

I'm kind of nervous to be training. I feel kind of inadequate, but I guess that's how everyone feels their first time training. Haha.

My trainee is Elder Sapla from Luzon and he's a native llokano speaker. Which is SUPER different from any of the languages I kind of know. He can speak Tagalog but he can't understand Visayan, but it's also kind of hard for him in english as well. I can understand Tagalog, but I can't REALLY understand it. I can pick out what he means, but it's a work in progress. So you could say there's a bit of a language barrier. Haha. We're kind of working out a middle language, like I say whatever Tagalog word I know and point at it, then translate it into Visayan for him, then English. It's a process!

He's super awesome. He's the only member in his family, they weren't super excited for him to serve a mission, but he went anyways. He went to college before his mission studying culinary arts so he says he can cook pretty well (SWEET). I was typing this a lot earlier this morning until about here, but then there was a brown out at our internet cafe, so we just left and shopped and stuff. Then we decided to try it again so here we are.

I'm glad everyone seems to be doing well and I'm also glad to see that Stevan looks like a Brazilian "James Franco".  I think that's the actor's name at least. I've been out in the field so long all the performers and artists and stuff are starting to mix together to me.

I've been hitting the New Testament pretty hard. Especially considering that I was at Galatians last Wednesday and I just finished the Epistle of James this morning. So that's been really cool just to read what everyone else is reading throughout the world, but I can never leave my studies without reading at least a little from the Book of Mormon. It truly just ties everything together. It states the doctrines of the Gospel and the Plan of Salvation so clearly. We've been preparing Anthony for his baptism on the 12th and Brother Lauron as well. We're also planting some seeds that hopefully will go somewhere in the next few weeks as well.

I will hit my 10 month mark tomorrow so that is also cool. Okay so that's about all I can think of saying right now. Just be sure to send me some pictures of the new dining area and office with desks and stuff. Tell Grandma I love her and will see her soon. Well. Love ya Momma. Have a great one. :)

Elder Head

Elder Head and Elder Sapla

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