Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Monday, August 24, 2015

Elder Head in the Philippines - Baptisms, goodbyes & a transfer $$ :)

So we've had a very abnormal week. On Friday, we found out that I'm actually going to be transferred tomorrow. Which is different from the transfer day of everyone else. The reason for this is because our financial secretary, Elder Black, goes home next month and I was chosen to be the replacement as financial secretary. The reason that I'm being transferred in the middle of this transfer is because he needs 1 month to train me with all the financial stuff and computer stuff and yeah. I'm kind of nervous but excited to do it. I'll learn a lot from Elder Black and Elder Saluta (The companion of Elder Black right now). We'll be in the office every day until 3 pm and afterwards, we'll go out to work.. Elder Saluta and Elder Black are both pretty long here in the mission so they're pretty seasoned teachers. So I'll be in Liloan instead of Pajo ward starting tomorrow. So I'm being Emergency transferred tomorrow. It doesn't mean that there's an emergency (I'm not dying Mom, I promise). It's just an irregular transfer that wasn't announced initially.

That means that this week was my last week here in Lapu Lapu. Which makes me sad, but I'm excited to help out the mission. The past few days have been goodbyes, which was SUPER sucky. I don't like goodbyes. We'll say goodbye to the rest of my recent converts today.

On a good note. We had 2 baptisms on Saturday, Brother Arnie Mangona and Sister Ilonah Dela Cerna. I baptized Arnie and Ilonah was baptized by her father-in-law, Edgar Dela Cerna Sr. Then on Sunday night, we had a family home evening with them. I love their family. The Dela Cerna's have been like my family here in Pajo. I'll miss this ward.

I'm grateful for this opportunity that I had to serve in Pajo. I'm also grateful that I've been given the unique opportunity to be the financial secretary here in Cebu East. I'm praying that I'll be strengthened by the Lord to help me to accomplish what's been asked of me.

Elder Head

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