Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Elder Head in the Philippines - Transfer week & Temple Tour :)


Elder Sapla and I are staying for one more transfer together here in Pajo! The only problem is that I'm getting a little chubby... Joke. But they do feed us a lot here. Which is nice.

This past week we took a temple tour with some of our investigators. We did it with our Zone Leaders Elder Bayot and Elder Noquiao. We had 5 investigators come to with us which was super awesome.

So cool story. One of our investigators (Kate age 15 [her brother is a member]) just completely changed. Like 180 degrees. In the lessons before she was super shy with us, but after the tour of the temple, she just was SUPER tuned in to our lesson and she read like every day and even took notes of our lesson. It was the absolute coolest thing. Her baptismal date is August 29.

This week has been a lot just OYM (open your mouth) and talking with people. In our area in Ibo, we have so many people to teach, Less Active Members, Investigators, and Recent Converts. But in the other part, Pusok, it's basically a ghost town. Haha. So we are talking with a lot of people and have some return appointments for this week so hopefully we can even out our teaching pool.

So Elder Foote and his trainee are both being transferred together to Bohol. Elder Foote is now the District Leader over there and Elder Pairat (His trainee) is going with him. So I'm sad Elder Foote and I are no longer in the same district, but it was sweet while it lasted. Haha.

That's about it!

Elder Head

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