Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Friday, November 6, 2015

Elder Head in the Philippines - "the BUSIEST week of my life" :)

Hey Fam!

Oh man, football playoffs. Tell the kiddies that I'm sad I won't be there for it, but tell them that I'll be there next year. Heh heh heh.

We moved out of that bed bug house, so I don't think I'll have a problem anymore, unless they follow me into the new house. I hope not. In my new house there's some super sketchy make-shift weights that I've been working out with. So we'll see if I can get a little form again these next few months.

So this past week was the absolute BUSIEST week of my life. I'll give you some background information so you can better understand why. In my new assignment here I'm covering mainly 3 aspects of the work: Missionary housing, missionary phones, and missionary vehicles.

Missionary housing: With transfers, there are a lot of people moving into new areas and looking for houses to live in and some find really nice houses for a good price. Then the other missionaries hear about it and now their house is suddenly uninhabitable and they think they have to move as well. Oh, brother.

We also recently found out from one of the landlords here that in her contract made by the old housing and financial secretaries, there was a clause that went a little something like this: We the Philippines Cebu East Mission will buy three (3) air conditioning units for the Lilo-an 3 house. We, the party above mentioned, will give the said three (3) air conditioning units to the lessor for installation. After termination of our contract, the three (3) air conditioning units purchased by the lessee will become the property of the lessor.

Well we didn't know that. So when the new senior couple got here we took one of the three air conditioning units from that house to the house of the new senior couple, thinking that it was our property because we bought it. Right? Wrong. She brought to our attention that clause that we were unaware of. I then brought to her attention the fact that she owes our mission php 20,000 because a default in our contract that she made months before. So now I'm in a wrestling match trying to find even with this landlord. That'll be my focus starting next week because..

Missionary Phones: We started giving out some new phones to the missionaries just because they stopped making the style of phones we were using before. Because the other missionaries are now seeing the new-style phones (which are actually not as good as the style we had before) all their phones seem to be breaking at the same time. Weird. Just kidding. I don't think it's on purpose. I think that the other phones were just old and are going out and it was just timing is all. But we've had to buy a lot of new phones for the missionaries this past week. Also, each transfer there are normally some areas that open, and others that close. So each transfer we have to set up and reset phones, which is super kapoy (Kapoy means tiring, I also sometimes just use it as like time consuming). So that took forever on Thursday, but we got it all done. Speaking of Thursday...

Missionary Vehicles: To better talk about this, I'd like to share small parts of what I wrote in my journal from the past two days.

Thursday, November 5th, 2015. My first official day as the Cebu East vehicle coordinator. One of the cars in our mission was totaled today. No serious injuries to the missionaries and no third party involved. Seems to have just been due to a mechanical failure in the steering wheel. Still waiting on the area to learn the procedures for this.

Friday, November 6th, 2015. More insurance companies, YAY. I got in touch with our insurance broker about the procedure and it's not too crazy, just kinda kapoy and time consuming. Lot's of hoops to jump through. Talked with parents over the phone. Talked with the area over the phone several times. Missionaries are still doing okay.

We've made progress but the past two days were probably two of the most kapoy days of my life. Just coordinating with everyone on trying to get this situation taken care of.

Good news: Heavenly Father spared the lives of those four missionaries because that crash looked REALLY bad and they were fine. They directly exited the car, knelt down and said a prayer of thanksgiving. And, only 7 weeks till Christmas.

I might just make that my letter for this week

But Mom I think yesterday was the absolute most tiring day of my life. I didn't even know where to start. Tender mercy: while cleaning off my desk yesterday morning, wondering what in the world I was gonna do about that, I stumbled upon a printed out paper from May that had the email conversation of the old office couples with the insurance company that had the name and contact information of our insurance broker representative. That started getting me in the right direction. The Lord will truly provide away if you just follow what he says with faith. He will give us the means to accomplish any task that is put in our way. No matter if they all are on your plate at the same time or not. I just realized that little mercy that He showed me yesterday. I know He lives and shows us proof by His tender mercies He daily gives to us.

The only break I get nowadays is when we get to go out and work at night. It's like Heaven. I forget all the missionaries calling me for this and that; I forget all the problems with apartments, cars, and cell phones; and I just focus on inviting people to come unto Christ. It's so nice. It's really my only rest.
I haven't started my application for BYU yet. If you need reasons, please see the writing above. Haha.

Love you. I'm glad you guys have had a relatively low-key week.

Elder Mitchell Jeffrey Head

P.S. Last thing for today, earlier this week I went to KFC for lunch and they were playing the theme from "Christmas Vacation". It totally reminded me of home. Haha. Good times.

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