Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Elder Head in the Philippines - Bohol Island visits....Racing towards the finish line :) #25daysleft


This week has been so cool!!! I've seen so many miracles this week as well as tender mercies as we were in Bohol. I'm glad that I've been keeping my journal again recently (only recently, unfortunately. I'm an idiot. Please Momma, counsel other people preparing for their missions to KEEP UP WITH THEIR JOURNAL. I wish I would've been better. Just like Ryan and Dad.) I've gotten some little, tiny souvenirs but I'm trying to think what else I should get. I already have a magnet from both of the major islands of my mission, I already have some t-shirts, I'll try to find some other cool things that are found in the Philippines that would be much appreciated.

We made it around almost the whole island. It was one of the more tiring things I've done. My legs are super sore and I dunno why, we just sat in a car the whole week for crying out loud. Haha. We started out in Tubigon, then Calape, then Loon, then Tagbilaran, then Dauis, then Valencia, then Jagna, then Pilar, then Ubay, then Talibon, and we ended back up in Tubigon to ship out back to Cebu earlier this morning.

One of the many tender mercies was that we found a package sent for one of the missionaries in Pilar which was lost off the face of the earth for months when we went to go clean up the truck of Elder and Sister Bell. Another was after looking in probably 15 different pharmacies in Tagbilaran City for this prescription during a medical emergency with absolutely no luck. Right before we were about to call it quits, the Spirit led us to this one last pharmacy which was an absolute hole in the wall of a place to get the medication for a sick missionary. The whole trip was loaded with tender mercies. It was so cool. The Lord really does give us specialized tender mercies for our needs and our growth.

Also, the past two weeks we've had two baptisms in our area. I'll get the pictures and send them to you as soon as I can.

I love being a missionary.

-Elder Mitchell Jeffrey Head

P.S. Man, Mom, I had the craziest dream last night. I dreamed about hugging you and Dad at the airport. It was such a happy dream. I am excited to see you all. It'll be so great.

I hope your trip was fun and spiritual. Dad, the older I've gotten, the more I've realized that I have your goofy sense of humor. We just don't think before we say things sometimes and it's gotten me in trouble this week. Not in real trouble. But I've just made some REALLY dumb jokes and I laugh at myself because I'm hilarious. Anywho. I love ya and I hope that you are safe and had a fun time! Show those boys how to be men. Also, help them realize their spirituality. That's what'll help them most in preparation for the dark and dreary world.

I'm so busy and I'm so tired, Pop. My body aches and we didn't do many things that were too physical this week. It's so weird.

Love ya Pops!

Editor note:  Short update from July 22nd! 😁

Do you remember last week when I apologized for not being more detailed in my emails to you? Well, due to the circumstances this week I don't have a whole lot of time to email you. This is the reason why I'm emailing you now. Haha.. Sorry! But just know that I'm doing well and I won't be able to email tomorrow. But write something anyways, maybe. Lately we're just taking care of Zone Interviews and will be traveling to Bohol this week for the last time for me probably.

Mom, I hope you and Dad get assigned here on your mission. You'll love it. ;)

I'll be taking out a little more cash for souvenirs this week probably. Just so you know.

Love you!

Elder Mitchell Head

Racing around Bohol Island this past week!

Mitch has always LOVED getting shots...#wimp  Poor Sis Maughan :)

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