Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Elder Head in the Philippines - Welcome President & Sister Maughan :)

President & Sister Maughan arrived this week and we've been able to get some fun updates from their awesome daughter Kristin.....it has been the highlight of our week....especially a short video clip of Elder Head instructing Sis Maughan as she navigated the streets of Cebu!! #drivinginCebu #notforthefainthearted :)  Didn't see his face but got hear his voice!! #priceless #missionpresidents&wivesareawesome #thanksKristin


It was really busy this last week. I feel so exhausted. Saying goodbye to President and Sister Tanner was really, really hard. But, at the same time meeting President and Sister Maughan was so exciting! I've been so blessed. It's been so amazing to be able to get to know President and Sister Tanner. They've helped me out in so many ways. I've learned so much from them both. Even though we've only just met the Maughans, I know that I'll have much to learn from them as well. It was definitely meant to be this way for me. I'm supposed to learn experience from both of my Mission Presidents.

Mom, you would love Sister Maughan. She's very similar to you. She's really funny and sweet and has such a solid testimony of the gospel. She reminds me of you. For that matter, so did Sister Tanner. You all have similarities, but are all so different. Very motherly. I guess that's just one of the commonalities of truly living the gospel. It molds you into something divine, but in your own unique form of good. Heavenly Father's plan is so awesomely perfect. Once we learn these things for ourselves, we are changed. It takes a whole lot of courage to change, to learn and act, but it's ultimately worth it in the end.

Love ya Momma!

-Elder Mitchell Head

Jeff opened his letter to Mitch this week with, "It's getting closer. July 1. Wow and the summer is going to go so fast." Haha!

Pops, you can't say that. That's not okay. ;) I'll be back for the next one! So no worries. Don't lose any eye balls or anything during the family 4th party, ha? That's an excellent idea to study the scriptures even more. The Lord's promise is really true that if you treasure up the words of Christ, the Holy Ghost will give you exactly what's needed in the very moment. So keep it up Pops, I will too. ;) Haha. Love ya!
-Elder Mitchell Jeffrey Head

Elder Baladad, Elder Head, Pres Tanner, Sis Tanner, Sis Maughan and President Maughan

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