Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Monday, December 8, 2014

Elder Head in the Philippines week 8 - Typhoon Ruby :)

Hey Guys! So I'm not dead. Buyag. Bagyo Ruby really didn't hit us here in Mandaue. The mission helped us out a lot. It was supposed to hit us around 2am Sunday morning but ended up changing course and we got a lot of rain. But we prepared like it was going to hit us because we had no idea. But we're safe and sound! Hopefully it'll continue to be safe. The only real damage that Typhoon Ruby did in our area was push back our sacrament meeting a half hour. They also only held sacrament meeting. We used the other 2 hours to prepare and practice our Christmas presentation as a zone for the Mission Christmas party on Thursday. We had some missionaries from Bogo stay with us. Two Filipinos. Other than that is was really slow this week. Our most progressing investigators dropped us. So we have to start from scratch, really. Sorry to be so short today but not a lot really happened this last week! Transfers happened and I'm still here. I think I already told you all that though. This week was super slow. I'll just write a really super good letter next week. So stay tuned. Sorry again. Posaylo i ko! Have a great week!

Elder Head 

We received an email from President Tanner on Friday morning.  He informed us about all that was being done to safeguard the missionaries from this typhoon, this was a wonderful email to receive! We were grateful that they were prepared and ready not matter what! Missionaries learn so much while serving and this was a great reminder of that.  Be prepared :) It's still hard to believe that Mitch is half way around the world! His birthday is on Saturday! #96daysdown #only634daysleft??? #timeisflyingby #not #skypingin17days9hours22minutes!!  We love you, Elder Head!!!

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