Elder Mitchell Head

Elder Mitchell Head

Monday, December 15, 2014

Elder Head in the Philippines week 9 - Happy Birthday Mitch!!!!

Happy Birthday Elder Head!  Eh.....it was alright. I was sick for half of my birthday so that wasn't too great, then when I felt well enough we went out to teach. It was super difficult to find people to teach, so I guess you could say that I've had better birthdays :) Haha! Thank you for all the birthday messages....they were pretty sweet! We are working hard to find people and during our planning session tonight will talk about ways to make this more effective. We had a lot of Christmas parties this week and it was way fun! A zone Christmas one where I got to see people from my MTC batch like Foote and Borrego so that was great! We had the ward Christmas party on Saturday too. This week though we were focused on helping one of our investigators Sister Francis get to church....and....SHE CAME TO CHURCH!! WHOO!! She's been investigating since September and are so happy that she finally came to church. Today we are going to go up to Liloan and play basketball with the Liloan zone for P-day so that'll be fun. Sorry, I am out of time! Later!

Elder Head

A side note from Mom:
So Mitch's birthday was for sure different than any other that he's had up this point in his short 19 years.....he was out sharing the gift of the gospel on his birthday. What a great opportunity that is! Also different for him this year is that he had not a gift to open himself from his family! (insert crying face emoji here)  Our Christmas/Birthday package has still NOT arrived!  Good thing we sent it International Priority with an arrival time of 6-10 business days! (insert sarcastic emoji face here if there is one) The package was sent on November 20th, by my calculations, 18 business days have now passed! UGH!! I really hope and pray that it will show up before Christmas. It also appears that as of February 2015, missionaries will only be able to send one email to a person who writes them....no more emailing back and forth. This is NOT being done to make things difficult or frustrating for the missionary or their loved ones but is being done so that the focus on the work that they have been called to do can be done with as few distractions as possible. (insert crying face emoji here too) It does make me a little sad but I totally understand why too. I will learn to adapt......I guess ;)  We love and miss Mitch but are so grateful that he's serving the Lord in the Philippines! 

Happy Birthday Elder Head!

Elder Head and Elder Larson working??

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